EPOS is a network working for increasing equality and plurality within folk- and worldmusic and -dance

The name stands for Equality and Plurality On Stage. An “epos”, “epic” in swedish, is also a great story in itself containing a multitude of stories with many characters and diverse protagonists. EPOS' strive is for the music and dance fields to in the same way have room for a diversity of alternating narratives, characters, songs, perspective and protagonists, who meet and influence each other in a constant interaction with the moving hierarchies.
One of the stories that often tend to be sidelined is the female actors. Folk- and worldmusic is, as in many areas within the performing arts, still to a large extent dominated by men. The skewed power constructions result to women having fewer opportunities than men to work as artist and in leading positions in the field. This in turn creates a unnecessarily static and one-sided culture. EPOS goal is to increase equality, plurality, and equal opportunities in general, and folk- and worldmusic in particular. Through this we'd like to increase the vitality and sprängkraft of cultural expressions. EPOS wants to include different cultures, forms of expression and regions.  
EPOS is open to anyone who (regardless of gender, profession ect...) sympathizes with the EPOS goals since 2014. Member fee is since 2016 100 SEK/year.
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